Counterpace Guidance System


Counterpace Guidance System

Counterpace automatically guides you to step precisely at your heart rate during a wide variety of rhythmic activities, including treadmill and outdoor walking, running, and elliptical training. 

Our natural heart rates and step rates change as we age. Follow this link to learn about which activities tend to be easiest to use with Counterpace guidance at different ages.

Special introductory price includes:

  • Counterpace iOS app
  • Counterpace heart and movement sensor
  • Counterpace chest strap
  • A personalized run ergonomics coaching session with a Counterpace specialist
  • FREE Shipping
In addition to the Counterpace app and sensor, this high value bundle includes personalized coaching sessions from Counterpace running ergonomics specialists (a bonus worth over $300):
  1. You will receive a coaching session to get to know Counterpace and answer any questions prior to using product.
  2. Next, you will run naturally with the app monitoring but not yet guiding you (to establish a baseline), and then your first run using Counterpace guidance. After these two runs, your Counterpace coach will analyze your step and heart rate data with you, and help craft strategies for adapting to Counterpace guidance while following the best running ergonomics.
  3. As using Counterpace becomes a habit, your Counterpace coach will schedule one or more follow-up sessions to discuss your progress, examine your step and heart rate data, and provide additional advice.

Get the app here:

Our heart rate during strenuous physical activity naturally decreases as we age, so matching step rate to heart rate during running will require a lower and lower step rate, the later into our lives we choose to run. Adapting to these changes in natural stride frequency can be challenging, but with practice and coaching in healthy ergonomics at varying stride lengths, almost anyone can step in sync with optimal performance during virtually any rhythmic physical activity.