Exercise optimized for heart and brain health


What is Counterpace?

Dr. Bleich presents the most exciting

exercise innovation in a generation.

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Synchronize each step with your heart's rhythm to dramatically increase the efficiency and health benefits of aerobic exercise.

State of the art sensor

High-resolution integrated sensors measure both your heart and movement cycle over 100 times per second. <br><br> Clinical-grade Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement of heart cycle— including R-R intervals. <br><br> Bluetooth smart (also called bluetooth low energy) for instantaneous communication with app.

Easy-to-use app

Counterpace guides you to step precisely as your heart relaxes between each beat with a simple audible prompt.<br><br> Walk or run to the beat of the Counterpace soundtrack or choose to step to the beat of your own favorite music.<br><br> Counterpace continuously adjusts the timing of the musical beat, guiding you to optimize blood flow and oxygen delivery as you exercise.<br><br>

Your body’s natural two-pump system performs best in sync.