Make exercise easier and more fun


Optimize your exercise for heart and brain health


The world’s first real-time coaching platform that syncs your step timing with your heart's rhythm for the most efficient exercise experience ever.

Step in sync with each beat of your heart, as nature intended.

During exercise, skeletal muscles throughout your body drive large amounts of blood from your extremities back to your heart with each step cycle. <br><br> When the timing of the heart and muscles is synchronized, our bodies are extremely efficient. This makes exercise easier and allows you to walk or run faster and farther with less effort

State of the art sensor. Easy to use app.

Counterpace is a training app and sensor that improves your running by synchronizing your step and heart cycle timing. Pushing off the ground at the beginning of your heart’s relaxation phase optimizes your circulation, which leads to dramatic improvements in performance.

Advanced science. Natural performance.

Based on the established science of medical counterpulsation, the Counterpace algorithm coordinates heart rate and step rate with optimal phase timing to enhance your performance, health, and experience.

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Use Counterpace guidance to enhance aerobic performance, experience, health, and recovery.

Premium strap and sensor.

High-resolution integrated sensors measure both your heart and movement cycle over 100 times per second. <br><br> Clinical-grade Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement of heart cycle— including R-R intervals. <br><br> Bluetooth smart (also called bluetooth low energy) for instantaneous communication with app.

Simple in-ear and on screen guidance.

Easy to follow audible guidance — no need to look at the app while running.<br><br> Run to the beat of the Counterpace soundtrack or choose to step to the beat of your own favorite running music.<br><br> Beat adjusted music coordinates with Counterpace guidance encouraging you towards your most efficient run.<br><br>