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What is Counterpace?

Dr. Bleich presents the most exciting

exercise innovation in a generation.

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Synchronize each step with your heart's rhythm to dramatically increase the efficiency and health benefits of aerobic exercise.

Find your natural rhythm

During exercise, skeletal muscles throughout your body drive large amounts of blood from your extremities back to your heart with each step cycle. When the timing of the heart and muscles is synchronized, our bodies more efficiently deliver oxygen with much less stress on the heart. This makes exercise healthier and allows you to walk or run faster and farther with less effort.

Advanced Science

External counterpulsation (ECP) is a massive medical pump that improves blood pressure, heart stress, brain function, retinal blood flow, and provides a wide range of health benefits by driving blood back to the heart between each heartbeat.

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Natural performance

Counterpace takes advantage of the fact that our bodies become a powerful rhythmic blood pump during exercise. Our research team has worked with top universities and public and private research labs across the country to demonstrate the many benefits of leveraging our natural musculoskeletal pump system to drive blood back to the heart with the same optimal timing in phase with the heart's pump cycle.

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State of the art sensor

High-resolution integrated sensors measure both your heart and movement cycle over 100 times per second. <br><br> Clinical-grade Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement of heart cycle— including R-R intervals. <br><br> Bluetooth smart (also called bluetooth low energy) for instantaneous communication with app.

Easy-to-use app

Counterpace guides you to step precisely as your heart relaxes between each beat with a simple audible prompt.<br><br> Run to the beat of the Counterpace soundtrack or choose to step to the beat of your own favorite running music.<br><br> Beat and pitch-adjusted music coordinates with Counterpace guidance encouraging you towards your most efficient run.<br><br>

Use Counterpace guidance to enhance aerobic experience, health, performance and recovery.