Step in sync with your heart

The Counterpace™ guidance system enhances aerobic performance, experience, health, and recovery by guiding you to precisely coordinate each rhythmic movement during exercise with your heart's pump cycle. Leveraging the science of cardiac counterpulsation, our app and sensor work together to allow you to run further and faster with less effort.

Medical counterpulsation uses a mechanical pump timed to the heart's cycle to dramatically improve blood flow, health, fitness, and long-term survival for cardiac patients.  Similarly, Counterpace guidance synchronizes musculoskeletal blood pump timing to your heart's pump cycle to dramatically enhance blood flow to your heart and muscle with less cardiac stress. Counterpace guidance enables "natural counterpulsation" with every step you take.

The Counterpace app and sensor provide:

  • Step-timing guidance via a simple audible metronome that is adaptively responsive to the timing of each heartbeat
  • If desired, music* can be provided through the Counterpace app to enhance step-timing guidance. In this case, the timing of each musical beat is adjusted to match the metronome guidance, while the song is continuously pitch corrected to optimize the music experience. 

With or without music, the chest-based dual heart and movement sensor system provides real-time data to to the Counterpace app, which adjusts both audio and visual timing guidance with every heartbeat in order to ensure that you consistently step with the relaxation phase of your heart's pump cycle.

The Counterpace Sensor and chest strap are available for purchase only through this web site. The soft chest strap is worn against the skin and looks and feels like a standard heart-rate monitor.  The accompanying free mobile app is initially available only in iOS.   

Buy now - the Counterpace sensor

The free companion iOS  and Android apps for the Counterpace sensor are available for download in the US & Canada.  

We appreciate your patience as we gather the resources required to expand availability internationally and to additional mobile and music platforms. 

* Music is a beta feature that does not yet work with streaming music services. The Counterpace app includes a few preloaded songs. Additional songs of your choice can be used to provide timing guidance if they are downloaded to your phone and stored in iTunes. If you plan to use your own songs, we recommend that you create your own personalized running playlists in iTunes. If music is selected within the app or from an iTunes playlist, Counterpace guidance will adaptively adjust each song's beat timing in response to the streaming data provided by the chest-worn Counterpace sensor. When you play your own downloaded music and playlists, if you select "Magic Shuffle" in the settings menu, the Counterpace app will select songs with a tempo that best match your step rate.