Natural Counterpulsation

Did you know that the world's top few marathon finishers typically step precisely at their heart rates? Researchers have been scratching their heads for years trying to figure out why. We're confident that we have the answer.

Humans appear to have evolved with an ability to both run and walk with their central and peripheral blood pump systems perfectly coordinated. Beyond the well-described health benefits of cardiac counterpulsation, the performance advantage provided by this natural phenomenon would have provided a clear edge, whether chasing down meals as hunter-gatherers, or being chased.

For better or worse, the explosion of cultural and technological advances in recent human history has led to a very sedentary lifestyle. As a result, most of us have lost the ability to reliably achieve this zone of optimal efficiency.

Although many of us have, at one time or another, experienced the occasional magical run, we no longer have the ability to reliably access this physiological birthright. Therefore, we developed Counterpace guidance to make it easy to enter the zone every time you exercise. Our goal is simple – to provide you with reliable access to a runner's high that enhances performance, accelerates recovery, improves health, and feels great.