Getting started with Counterpace

Getting started with Counterpace


1) To get started, download our free app

Download the free Counterpace App from Apple's App Store (iPhone) or Google's Google Play (Android Phone). Open the app to create an account and view the short orientation video.



2) Prepare strap

Unhook and loosen the chest strap. Rinse before each run – a clean and moist strap works best. Snap on the Counterpace sensor. Center the sensor on your chest and hook the strap snugly around your lower ribs. Ensure that the strap is in full contact with your skin and not on top of any clothing (including sports bras).


3) Step to the beat

In the Counterpace app, tap “Connect Sensor.” We recommend headphones, as this will help you hear and focus on the audible guidance. It’s easiest to learn Counterpace guidance on a treadmill if you have one available.


Read about getting started on a treadmill here.


No treadmill? No problem! Learn how to use Counterpace outdoors here.


We’re always working to make Counterpace as simple and easy to use as possible. We greatly appreciate all feedback at


Explore the different ways you can improve your fitness and health with counterpace.

And have fun!


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